Sunsets Testimonials

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A few times each year, while visiting my son, I shop on O'ahu at Lani Kai Beachwear, where, thankfully, Michele and Co. are keen on Swim Systems and a lot of fun to work with as I hunt through the store.

My wife looks and feels BEAUTIFUL in your Swim System designs and I am grateful!

A lifelong "waterman", now a youthful geezer, my selections for Debra Sue need to be as beautiful/alluring as they are practical.

Recently, I have been utterly charmed by the designs Chacha (banded-bottom brava!), Dakota (strong, rich!), Delicacy Fiesta (lush).

Thank you for thoroughly refreshing visions of how-to-enjoy-water-recreation/aquatic lounging, wrapping and adorning a woman's torso.


Best always, Corey Mason


I just wanted to give you a "thank you" for making such awesome swimwear. I just got back from vacationing in La Jolla and came across your designs at a local surf shop. I have literally had the same swimsuit for about five years because I can never find any that fit right! As a woman, I am sure you understand how irritatingly difficult it can be to find the right swimsuit. My trip was intended for surfing, and your swimsuit stayed put really well. A nice bonus: it fits well, stays put and is super cute. I just got back tonight from La Jolla and already went to your website to show my sister all of your awesome swimwear. Keep up the great work! I will be spreading the word to all my girls up in Northern California.

Peace, Rachel Breault


I recently purchased the D692 Shirred Underwire Tankini. I'm a 34D-DD and this is the first swimsuit I've ever owned that fits me perfectly. It is so flattering, I'm not pouring out of the cup, and it's supportive so I'm not flopping around as I bike, swim, play volleyball, or dance - this is one AMAZING swimsuit! So I wanted to thank you for that.

Thank you so much. Karena